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We got a real one on the show this week. A Chi town legend, author, journalist and the man with one of the coldest nicknames in the game, Robert “Scoop” Jackson. Unfiltered is the best way to describe this episode as Scoop sits down with Will and Arthur to dive deep into his origin story, from growing up in South Shore, where he still lives today, to hooping all over the city of Chicago. His mother's focus on education for her children led to him going to four different grammar schools by the time he was in grade 8, which means he basically went to school with everybody! He talks about the power basketball can provide for youth and how his love for the game, combined with the confidence his mother instilled in him, helped him to fit in and make friends when he was the new kid at a new school.

Scoop reflects on his mothers integrity and compassion for kids in the neighborhood and the influence that had on him growing up. He shares stories about his days at Xavier University and receiving a Masters in Arts degree from Howard. His passion for writing, basketball and hip hop eventually led to a career as a journalist covering sports for publications such as SLAM, ESPN, The Source, Vibe, USA Today and many others. Nike even commissioned him to write Sole Provider: 30 Years of Nike Basketball chronicling the inside story of Nike and its influence on the sport. Sit back and strap in for Part 1 of what will go down as a classic episode.

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