AGAINST THE WIND WITH DR. PAUL - EPISODE 048: FEATURED GUESTS: Doug Hulstedt, MD Pediatrician; Jordan and Nash, 6 month V injury story


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In this week’s From the Heart segment, Dr. Paul confesses to waking up feeling inadequate and insecure, resulting from his attempt to control the turmoil currently present in his personal life. But once he remembered to let go and let God, activating the tool of breathing in love and exhaling stress, he was able to enter a space of love. He encourages us all to enter this space so that we too can experience peace and serenity, even when our personal world is in turmoil, or the world at large is in chaos.
This week features an interview with Doug Hulstedt, MD, a pediatrician with over 39 years of experience in the medical field who takes a walk down memory lane with Dr. Paul. The two doctors retrace their similar journeys of waking up to the vaccine realities in their respective practices while reflecting on the state of children’s health today and wellness overall. Don’t miss out on this frank discussion that highlights the studies and real-life cases that led them to be the medical freedom advocates they are today!
Next, we meet Jordan, a mom whose son suffered a severe injury that resulted in paralysis and months spent in the hospital ICU after his 6-month well visit. While this story is heartbreaking, it is an important wake-up call for us to start looking at the magnitude of ALL health outcomes when comparing vaccinated children to unvaccinated children.
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