The Fascinating World of Lab-Grown Oysters, Collagen and Gelatin - Pearlita Foods CEO Nikita and Jellatech CEO Stephanie Michelsen


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We're back after a summer break with our first ever "Sibling Special!" This episode features interviews with two incredible changemaker CEOs… who happen to be sisters: Nikita Michelson of Pearlita Foods, the world’s first cell-cultured mollusk company, and her sister Stephanie Michelson, a Forbes 30 under 30 winner, who heads up Jellatech, the world's first cell-based collagen and gelatin ingredient company.

Episode highlights include:

  • The wide range of foods and products that contain animal-derived collagen and gelatin and why major companies are interested in alternatives.
  • Why cell-cultured, or lab-grown collagen and gelatin is a cleaner, more ethical, sustainable and safer alternative to the current animal-based versions.
  • The story behind the world's first cultivated oyster: how it's made, how it'll be sold and when we might be able to taste it.
  • The benefits of cultivated oysters vs. wild or farmed, in terms of health and the environment. Plus, some surprising and interesting facts about oysters you probably didn’t know!

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