Chad and its turmoil


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At least four people were reported to have been shot and wounded over the weekend in Chad’s Mandoul region. This took place on Saturday when security forces were said to have fired at a crowd demonstrating against the military taking over the country’s government.
Protesters continued to gather over the weekend in other parts of the country such as in the town of Sarh, where they stood in defiance of the military junta’s takeover. On Sunday the military council, which is now run by late president Idris Deby’s son, Mahamat Idriss Deby, announced its new government while reiterating it will hold elections within 18 months.
Despite this promise thousands of Chadians protested against the militia and meanwhile the opposition has insisted on a call for a transitional government to be formed led by a civilian president and a military vice president.
To assist us on this we are joined by:
• Kwezi Mngqibisa, Director for M4Insight
• Samuel Okunade, an academic in Conflict Transformation and Peace

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