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Embrace your value and let it shine with "I am Valuable."

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“Josie's a saving grace. She literally has a positive affirmation for everything. When you don’t feel like getting up at all, she’s got a great positive affirmation.” – Gabrielle Union

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"I’ve never thought of needing this kind of affirmation, but I’m really grateful I’ve listened to Josie’s soothing and encouraging messages." - Marta Retnoningsih

You Are Enough ❤️

Life can get difficult. Jobs are lost, hearts are broken, plans get changed, things go wrong. We’ve all been there.

But when life gives you lemons, how do you cope? How do you navigate through grief with resilience? How do you control your emotions instead of letting them control you?

Maybe you have unhealthy coping strategies. Maybe you bury your emotions, talk down to yourself, or power through the day without allowing yourself even a moment of rest and reflection.

Sound familiar? Not anymore!👇🏻

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Grounding Meditation

45 Minute Morning Playlist

This is My New Body

Toe to Head Progressive Relaxation

Work Playlist



"I’ve been listening to Affirmation Pod lately to help myself chill out and de-stress!" - Katie Muhtaris

"Every morning without fail I listen to Josie Ong. Her affirmations changed me and made me kinder to myself and more positive. If you are depressed or simply need a boost, listen to one of her affirmations!" - Ferra Rossa

"I feel so good this morning because I’m getting back to a routine. I found Affirmation Pod that I listen to and it’s really relaxing." - Breanna Renee



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