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Everyone grows up with beliefs about money- how money is earned, who deserves it, how important it is, and what you should or shouldn’t do with it. Your family’s financial circumstances played a part in developing your perception of money. The country and culture you were raised in, influenced how you relate to money. Your parents’ level of financial literacy, and the beliefs they had about money, all played a role in the beliefs you developed about money.

What you heard about money as a child, you have most likely, on a subconscious level, absorbed and carried into adulthood. That’s how your baseline belief system is built! As children, we are highly impressionable. You’ve heard the term, “little sponges” right? Kids absorb everything! When things are repeated to us over and over by the adults in our life, well… those things tend to stick. Statements (like the ones above), are seeds planted in our mind. Over time, these seeds grow into deeply rooted beliefs. It’s not to say this is good or bad, it’s just how psychological development works!

You aren’t going to MAKE BANK if deep down, you don’t believe you deserve it! If beneath the surface, you have fear, anxiety, resentment, or anger towards money. If you have a scarcity mindset.

If you want to reach your full financial potential, you have to CLEAR OUT all old, limiting beliefs and develop a strong, money making mindset in its place. One way we can do this, is with positive money affirmations. Repeat these affirmations for money on a DAILY basis to manifest all of your financial goals and more!



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