The Effects of Psilocybin on Creativity | Natasha Mason & Jan Ramaekers ~ ATTMind 145


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Natasha Mason PhD and Jan Ramaekers PhD are on the show to discuss the effects of psilocybin on creativity; the challenge of measuring creativity in a lab; the role creativity plays in mental health; and even the connections between psychedelics, creativity, and movements in art and culture.

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  • A disambiguation of the term Creativity; convergent vs divergent thinking
  • The difficulty of determining what qualifies as creative in creativity research
  • Creativity is defined by culture, too
  • Creativity and its role in mental health; creativity is an essential cognitive ability
  • How creative thinking can help with depression
  • Cognitive flexibility, psychedelics, and healing depression
  • The neurophysiology of creativity
  • Creativity and the default mode network
  • Outline their study on the effects of psilocybin on creativity and its results
  • How much psilocybin (dose) were they giving people and why?
  • How they measured the personal sense of being creative
  • Psychedelics, art, and creativity research
  • The role of glutamate in the ego dissolution experience
  • The window of opportunity for neuroplasticity after psychedelics
  • Glutamate, psilocybin, excitotoxicity, and depression
  • The psychedelic encounters with near-death are protecting the brain (maybe)
  • What’s next in their research on the effects of psilocybin on creativity
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