Somatic Ketamine Therapy For Depression | Pierre Bouchard ~ ATTMind 143


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Pierre Bouchard is on the show to talk about somatic therapy, the traumatic roots of depression, and the role ketamine-assisted somatic psychotherapy can play in healing that trauma, and thus the depression it produces.

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  • Somatic therapy vs traditional talk therapy
  • The objectivity of sensation
  • How somatic sensation can be used therapy
  • We are all creatively organized to get love in the world
  • How somatic therapy helps heal trauma
  • Adding low-dose ketamine to somatic trauma therapy | ketamine therapy for depression
  • How ketamine’s dissociative effects assist in safely accessing trauma feeling
  • Developmental trauma and the roots of depression
  • Treating depression through healing developmental trauma
  • Trauma, depression, and healing through relationship
  • How many somatic sessions does it take to heal depression? (integration)
  • The problems of the present industry of ketamine therapy for depression
  • Therapists should experience ketamine before providing ketamine
  • In the absence of somatic ketamine therapists, how can we get the help we need to make sense of our ketamine experiences
  • It’s never too late to have a good childhood
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