AAF National's Wally Snyder Tells The Truth, The Whole Truth, and Nothing But The Truth


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New media, digital advertising has created some very unique challenges as it relates to transparency. Wally's "free ad ethics day" will be repeated in the near future, and it is just one part of what Wally has dedicated his life to. Wallys' background includes time spent as an assistant director for advertising practices at the FTC. Wally says our industry is doing a pretty good job of doing the right thing, but there is much work to be done as advertisers build consumer trust. We talked about the recent issues involving Facebook, and how collecting data has caused some serious problems. Wally Snyder is an Advertising Hall of Famer, but his down-to-earth approach to our industry makes it easy to clearly see how his simplistic approach can make a big impact. You'll enjoy meeting Wally.

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