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I’m thrilled to bring you today’s guest, Andrea Ross, author of Unnatural Selection: A Memoir of Adoption and Wilderness. Andrea shares how a health crisis lead her outdoors, and how a decade of spending time in the wilderness brought her a feeling of groundedness. We discuss the loneliness that adopted people can face and how we’ve both seen this theme of reconnecting with ancestral landscapes popping up more and more frequently.

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Show Notes Recommended Resources
  • Unnatural Selection: A Memoir of Adoption and Wilderness by Andrea Ross
  • The Wisdom of Wilderness: Experiencing the Healing Power of Nature by Gerald G. May
  • Adoption: The Making of Me podcast - Andrea’s episode

Notes for Colorado adoptees from a fellow adoptee, Anne:

The Colorado Department of Human Services can give you your adoption file "If your adoption was handled by the state or a county, or the licensed child placement agency (LPCA) that handled your adoption has closed.“ I was able to receive this information even though I was not physically in Colorado. I just had to send a picture of my ID via email to confirm who I was. This service was free of charge.

Colorado adoptees who want to get their OBC and Report of an Adoption (which is basically like an integrated birth certificate and lists your names pre- and post-adoption, your adoptive parents, your birth parents, the date, time and place of your birth, and the attorney who filed the court documents for the adoption), need to contact the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment or go to their website. There is a form to fill out and a fee to pay for this service.

One piece of information regarding sealed adoption information in Colorado is that circa 1990 all of the paper files were collected from the county courthouses to be microfiched and held centrally. So be prepared to receive copies of microfiche film that is potentially difficult to decipher.

More info and links available here from Adoption Search Resource Connection (based in Colorado): www.asrconline.org/get-records

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