EP. 182: ADHD and Habits with Expert Aggressive Canine Behavior Consultant, Rene Smith


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If you got a puppy during the COVID lockdown like I did, you’ve probably seen some weird and frustrating social behaviors and anxieties crop up as a result of missing out on crucial socialization time. Between the nightmarish vet appointments and the anxiety-fueled barking, my dog is driving me bonkers and I’ve been at a loss for what to do about it.

Luckily, canine behavior consultant Rene Smith is here to help us take a closer look at the purpose behind our dog’s behaviors and reevaluate our approach to intervention. Being ADHD herself, Rene understands that strict training schedules will never work for her mostly ADHD clients, nor do they need to. Instead, she focuses on building trust and connection between dogs and their humans by giving dogs agency over their space and providing humans with the tools and know-how to interpret communication attempts and reinforce healthy behaviors.

Rene’s passion for helping a population that’s often misunderstood is inspiring (not to mention, so ADHD!), and I’m delighted to have you join our wonderful eye-opening conversation.


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