Ep. 170 Inattentive ADHD with Clinical Psychologist, April Kane


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As Smart Ass women, we know ADHD varies wildly in how it presents compared to the stereotypes, but what do we do when the rest of the world hasn’t caught up? After a lifetime of having our symptoms dismissed by teachers, parents, and even medical professionals, it can feel terrifying and futile to pursue a diagnosis. My guest this episode, April Kane, was so worried about having her ADHD suspicions invalidated that she put off getting an official evaluation for years, despite being a clinical psychologist herself.

April finally got assessed and received the affirming diagnosis of ADHD she had been hoping for, but she knows not everyone is so lucky, especially in cases of inattentive ADHD when symptoms are internalized and easier to miss. April Kane emphasizes the importance of self-advocacy, gives a breakdown of the lesser-known signs of ADHD that are frequently missed in girls, women, and those with inattentive type, introduces me to schema therapy, and more.


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