EP. 169: ADHD, Higher Education and Completing That Damn Dissertation with Dr. Abbey Weinstein


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I always say our best purposes give meaning to our past, and my guest this episode, Dr. Abbey Weinstein, proves just how true this is. Abbey struggled with school for most of her life, so she surprised even herself when she not only turned it around and started getting straight A’s in college, but went on to get her Master’s degree and P.h.D. in Special Education. Now an Educational Diagnostician, Abbey has found her purpose in making learning more accessible for others and getting students the supports they need to be successful in school.

Join our conversation to hear the inspiring Dr. Abbey Weinstein share how she was able to go from academic probation to completing her doctorate, some of the ADHD strategies she used to get herself through her dissertation (truly a feat of strength!), her tips on feeling good about yourself every day, and so much more.


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