Mastering Post Processing for Polymer Additive Manufacturing


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Post-processing is more than just the final finishing of a part. It needs to be integrated into the design phase of a project. In this episode, we dive into post-processing and finishing systems. It's a step that can add incredible value to your 3D printed product if done correctly. Many companies consider post-processing to be an afterthought, or they ignore it until it's too late and it is a big mistake because post-processing is such a vital part of any successful additive manufacturing initiative.

CEO and Co-founder of DyeMansion, Felix Ewald and host Fabian Alefeld discuss why post-processing is a big value driver for 3D printed products, the dreaded triangle of complexity, the post-processing options you should consider on your additive manufacturing journey, and how to develop application-specific post-processing workflows to exactly match the requirements in different industries and applications.

[1:37] DyeMansion’s first endeavor was a disappointment that ultimately led the organization to where it is today.

[4:40] Post-processing changes the game when it comes to 3D printed eyewear frames.

[6:37] The triangle of complexity is design, print and material, and finish.

[7:52] Felix takes a deep dive into post-processing technologies.

[15:13] The three ways to get color for consumer applications.

[17:44] How developers can ensure high-quality, reproducible results.

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