The Best Solutions You Can Have For Anxiety


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It surprised me to read that some 40 million adults in the US have some sort of anxiety disorder. That’s a lot!

I’ve known for several years that I have anxiety. And it can manifest in different ways at different times. Sometimes it’s social anxiety where I don’t like being in a group of people. Even if it’s people I know and love.

Sometimes, if I isolate too much, I can get some anxiety about leaving the house and getting out in the world. Other times, I worry.

Worry about money, the future, am I making good decisions, should I be doing more, am I doing too much… you name it, I can worry about it.

In my search for solutions I came across this very interesting, and effective, method for managing my anxiety. I had always categorized this as a luxury, not a therapy. Boy, was I wrong.

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