Bennifer's "Gili" movie recap with Ryan Bailey


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Annabelle & Ryan Bailey recap one of the worst movies in cinematic history "Gili" starring Bennifer & Justin Bartha. If you're like the rest of the population & haven't seen the movie, don't worry you can still listen because they go through the major scenes, play some of the worst "sexy" dialogue you've ever heard & Annabelle & Ryan learn about each other's sexual history or lack thereof. **IF YOU ORDER FROM A SPONSOR PLEASE MESSAGE ANNABELLE ON SOCIAL MEDIA SO SHE CAN SEND YOU A PERSONAL THANK YOU VIDEO!!** Follow Ryan Bailey at @sobaditsgoodwithryanbailey & subscribe to his podcast "So Bad it's Good with Ryan Bailey" ME UNDIES- Get 15% off plus free shipping with code COMPLIMENTS CAT PERSON- Get 50% off your starter box & free shipping with code COMPLIMENTS CODE COMPLIMENTS

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