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Dedicated to self-actualization and the return to the "ACTUAL I", this podcast series supports those on a journey to reconnect with the authentic self. Hosted by Alison Pothier, an executive and transformational coach, intuitive, writer and filmmaker, the series explores the challenges, themes and personal experiences encountered in the process of reconciling our inner and outer worlds. The series discusses the aspirational human journey, from the material to spiritual, personal to professional, mindsets to manifestation, intuition ... and more. From the evolution of corporate culture to deep spiritual exploration, the series does not shy away from any one aspect of the actualized self. Featured guests share stories and insights on all subjects related to self-discovery and the actualization of the human spirit. Co-creator of the IBULIEVE podcast series and Owner of Inside Out Retreats, a business dedicated to personal development and organizational evolution honed from the "inside out", Alison Pothier featured among world thought leaders in the film ChoicePoint, currently hosted on Gaia. Previously a Chief Operating Officer and Managing Director in investment banking, Alison established Inside Out Retreats to offer coaching, retreats and training programs dedicated to self-awareness, intuition, authentic expression, energy congruence and aspiration.

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