Opportunities on the Short End of the Curve with Joanne Driscoll, CFA


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In this episode, Chris speaks with Joanne Driscoll, CFA, Head of Short Term Liquid Markets in the Fixed Income group at Putnam Investments. In this position, she is responsible for the oversight of the investment strategies and management of short duration products along with SEC Rule 2a-7 mandated portfolios and other cash assets. Joanne is a Portfolio Manager of Putnam Government Money Market Fund, Putnam Money Market Fund, Putnam Short Duration Bond Fund, and Putnam Ultra Short Duration Income Fund.

During the conversation, they touch on many topics, including:

  • The current landscape on the front-end of the curve
  • The Fed and QE
  • Inflation
  • The challenges involved with managing through the pandemic
  • Rising rates and the impact on the short end of the curve
  • The difficulties in ’08 and ’09 compared to 2020
  • Fixed income spreads
  • How Joanne manages risk in Putnam’s Ultrashort and Short Duration funds

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