044: How Long Will It Take and Fishing For Your Avatar


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Let's be honest, when you're excited and lit up, that's when you make the most impact and that's when people radiate towards you....

In this week’s podcast, I answer two important questions posed to me by my clients. (Don’t be surprised to hear birdsong in the background, as inspiration struck me whilst enjoying my daily forest walk and I knew I just had to record the answers there and then!)

The first question asks how long it will take to reach the success you dream of, and the second is how to get more people around you.

As we start our businesses we all wonder when the success will come. We read the books, we join the programs, we do the training, and then we expect to see results. It’s not quite that simple though. You need to consider the effort you’re willing to put in – it needs to be your focus. It has to light you up and bring that high vibration needed to really drive those results.

When it comes to finding your people the fundamental question is, are you hanging out in the right places? Are you focusing your efforts in the right place? Do you even know who you are really looking for? Join me as I delve into these questions.

I also introduce my New Coach Business Accelerator Program, where you can learn exactly who your avatar is, how that links to your purpose and your mission, and how these two elements, together with creating an irresistible offer, are what's going to get you and your coaching business off the starting blocks. CLICK HERE to find out more and join the waitlist.

Enjoy the listen!

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Show Notes [Full Transcript Here]

In this episode I answer two questions; where are my people and when will I reach that success I dream of?

  • My New Coach Business Accelerator Program [0.19]
  • One podcast; two important questions [1.02]
  • Are we there yet? [3.18]
  • What you put in is what you’ll get out [4.49]
  • How do I find my people? [6.38]
  • Fishing in the right pools [7.35]
  • That all-important avatar [10.00]

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