398: DIY Cost Segregation DEMO: Save Big Tax $!


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Jason Hartman is joined by cost segregation specialists AJ and Randy Lyons, who’ve created DIY Cost Segregation to help you accelerate the depreciation on your residential rental properties and decrease your tax burden! Income property is the most tax favored asset class in America and the IRS has allowed people to depreciate a property over a 27.5 year schedule for fantastic tax savings. And the beauty of this tax deduction is it's a non cash or phantom write off, so check it out at DIYCostSeg.com!

SAVE $50 on residential studies and $100 on commercial studies! Use Jason’s discount code “Jason” on DIYCostSeg.com!

Watch the video HERE.

Key Takeaways:

0:45 Introduction

1:55 What is cost segregation? Welcome AJ and Randy Lyons, Project Managers and Cost Segregation Specialists

3:37 Cost segregation allows you to take components of the house and depreciate them faster

4:12 Which components have shorter depreciation schedules?

5:34 Sample report from DIY Cost Seg

8:32 Factoring in date of property purchase

11:10 Commercial vs residential properties

12:01 Breakdown of structural components into depreciation schedule

14:30 New IRS guidelines, case laws and the master depreciation guide

15:16 How does this apply to retiring assets?

17:24 Benefits of cost segregation

20:28 Cost of DIY Cost Seg

Save $50 on residential studies and $100 on commercial studies! Use Jason’s discount code “Jason” on DIYCostSeg.com!

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