How to Help A Friend Struggling with Anxiety or Depression | Conversation with Dr. John Delony, Mental Health Expert + Ramsey Personality


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Whether you personally are struggling with anxiety or depression, or happen to be a friend/family member to someone else that is anxious or depressed....this episode is for you. How can we be the greatest type of friends to those struggling with anxiety? Or what about those who are in depression? How do I manage my anxious thoughts? Does depression just mean that I'm sad, or is there more to it? Do I need therapy? How do I know if I do? We address this and SO much more in today's episode.
WARNING: In the second half of this episode, we discuss suicidal ideation, which may be triggering to some. Also, parents, please use discretion as this part in the second half may not be suitable for little ears!
This is the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline...because, as Dr. John says- "You DESERVE to be well", and reminded that you're not alone.
I'm thrilled to have my friend, (mental health expert and Ramsey Personality) Dr. John Delony join us on the podcast today. Not only is he brilliant (with 2 PhD's) and hilarious, he is also so wise and is here to help us learn how to build relational coming alongside others in their mental health and emotional wellness journeys.
To begin your emotional wellness journey, click HERE to be directed to the PsychologyToday website, where you can find a therapist or counselor near you!
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