How to Be FEARLESS | Conversation with Professional Stunt Double, Meredith Richardson


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What an absolute treat to have the badass Meredith Richardson on the pod! She is the stunt double for Amy Schumer, Rebel Wilson, Kate McKinnon and Jillian Bell...and let me tell you...this girl is fearless.
We have an awesome conversation about how to be fearless, as well as hear about some crazy stories from the past 10 years of her life as a stunt double! Buckle up and hold on tight...this is going to be a wild one!
Hope this episode inspires you to start punching fear in the fearing a little bit less. :)
At the beginning of the episode, I mention another podcast episode Meredith did on The Stunt Pod! For the Apple Podcasts version of that episode, click here! For Spotify, click here!
Want to see how nuts Meredith is??? Check out her stunt reel!
You can also check out Meredith's IMdb page here!
Head to her IG to see some of the crazy stuff she has done, as well as stay updated on what films to catch her in next @bamastunts
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