A Non-Intimidating Way to Learn How To Read The Bible + Actually Enjoy It! | Special Episode


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If you’ve ever felt intimidated, burdened, frustrated or just straight up avoided reading the bible because it was boring or felt like a chore...you are not alone. I have felt all of those things for a long time in life before I found something that made it all click for me, and then made me EXCITED to read the Bible!
The problem is, learning how to read the bible isn't something I've observed many churches talking about. So, I'm here to share everything from my own journey and experience, to give you as many hyper practical steps and tips that I can so that you can take your understanding of the bible to the next level!
We cover a lot of ground in this 25 minute episode, so buckle up, and let's go!
3:23 - What's the point of reading the Bible?
7:14 - Why should I trust the Bible?
8:30 - First step to take when preparing to read the Bible?
11:35 - Where should I start reading if the Bible is new to me?
12:53 - Why should I read the Old Testament at all?
13:51 - Is the Bible still relevant today? Or just a history book?
14:02 - What Biblical rules am I still supposed to obey today?
16:53 - When did Zoe start reading the Bible?
20:49 - When should I use a Bible commentary?
22:10 - Which translation of the Bible should I read?

~Links to all biblical resources mentioned in this episode BELOW~
Chronological Bible
BibleProject App and Videos
Public Reading of Scripture App
SheReadsTruth CSB Bible
HeReadsTruth CSB Bible
ESV Study Bible
The Bible App
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