Regenerative Farming - the key to the Climate and Ecological emergency: with Ffinlo Costain - Part 1 of 2


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We live in an era of empty food, vast food miles and a burgeoning ecosystem emergency that is largely pushed by a chemical-based agriculture system that is poisoning waterways, oceans, and soil, destroying the biodiversity of our land and waters and harming the health of humanity.

A regenerative farming system that works, in Ffinlo's words 'with nature rather than in spite of nature' can do so much to improve our health, bring us back into relationship with the living earth, restore our devastated ecosystems, restore the water cycle - and draw down CO2 into the earth so that as we build soil, we heal our climate.

With so much to go right, why are we not doing this everywhere? That's one of the questions I ask Ffinlo Costain, host of the FarmGate podcast and Founder and CEO of Farmwel, a company dedicated to helping generate momentum towards sustainable mainstream agriculture and aquaculture, focussing on the environment, people's livelihoods, and farm animal health and welfare.

Ffinlo is in the almost-unique position of understanding the problems, having solutions and having the ear of people in power. So if anyone's going to help us change, it's him. Join us for a fascinating, detailed, inspiring pair of podcasts.


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