08. Simple Sales Success Secrets Series - Increase Lead Conversion by Creating an Authentic Desire for Your Network Marketing Product or Offer


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Hello beautiful mamas! Today’s episode tackles a topic that everyone in the network marketing industry needs to master - lead conversion. Converting your leads from exposed to closed may be the most important sales skill you can learn, but it’s also the skill many avoid mastering.

I cannot tell you how many times over the years I have heard the phrase "I could never do network marketing because I stink at selling.” And to be honest, I’m not a fan of selling either! It wasn’t until I made peace with the necessity of asking for the sale, and learned the art of authentic selling, that I finally began tearing down the wall of fear I had built up that was holding me back from growing a successful business.

Once I turned the idea of selling on its head and focused on serving my audience, rather than simply selling a product, my reluctance to be considered a glorified ‘saleswoman’ turned into a mission to be an informative ‘shareswoman’ and help others transform their lives for the better.

If you resonate with converting more leads without begging, chasing, or being that annoying network marketer in your prospects inbox and want to learn a more enjoyable, meaningful, and authentic way to grow your business - listen on in because today’s show is for you!

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Dream Big. Know Your Worth. Live Abundantly!

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