05. My Favorite Free Digital Tool to Simplify, Organize, and Systemize Business Follow Up and Workflow to Maximize Productivity, Increase Lead Conversions, and SkyRocket Customer and Team Retention


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Hey mama! In today’s episode I’ll be sharing my top favorite free digital business tool that I use to help simplify, organize, and systemize my follow up as well as many other areas of my business. This tool is going to help you work smarter, not harder so you can finally master your follow up, and increase your business growth through an intentional funnel exposure process that takes your leads from exposed to closed.

Gone are the days of wasting time writing out tons of notes in a follow up binder system, or going cross eyed sifting through pages of contacts to find the information you need to follow up. This digital tool is the holy grail of follow up systems with a simple way to organize your leads, and create your own intentional follow up funnel process, all in one easy to access spot.

As we know, the fortune is in the follow up and the stats state that a lead needs 5-8 purposeful touch points before they know, like, and trust you enough to become a new customer or teammate. The problem is, most network marketers get so overwhelmed with the idea of when to follow up, how to follow up , what to say, and how to keep your follow up meaningful and authentic that they usually give up the follow up process after two or three touch points. This results in the majority of leads being left behind or forgotten, which in turn leaves you frustrated and ready to quit after spending so much time making connections without ever getting to the point of converting those connections into customers or teammates. I’m exhausted just thinking about it!

I know you feel me! I, myself was overwhelmed with trying over and over to implement complex and time consuming follow up systems, and although I knew leads were falling through the cracks of my business, I just couldn’t seem to find a follow up system I could stick with to stay consistent long enough to develop a routine that fit with my crazy work at home mom boss life. Until.. I discovered the free digital tool I’ll be sharing with you today! So, lean on in mama as I spill the coffee beans and explain what I use, and how I use it. I know this tool is going to transform your business and daily workflow! You can thank me later.

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