03. Your Four Step Roadmap to Simplify Your Goal Planning and Crush Your Goals in Record Time


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Hey mamas, we are back with part two of our three part Simplify Your Biz series!! I hope you found some biz breakthrough golden nuggets after listening to part one, Simplify Your Time Management because today’s show is going to piggy back right off of that episode as we dive into how to Simplify Your Goal Planning in a purposeful and productive way!

When it comes to goal setting, it’s not usually our motivation that’s the issue, it’s the way we set goals. Just like a GPS lays out the turn by turn directions to help us reach our destination, our goals need to be mapped out with a step by step plan to help us achieve them without veering off course.

In today’s show, I’ll teach you a simplified, intentional roadmap to help you break down any goal into hunks, chunks, and bites so you can get on the road to success and momentum in your business. I pray this episode blesses you!

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