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NuroLux is a movement to restore hope for families impacted by Autism by providing them with the team, clinical and educational technology tools, and a plan to light the path ahead.

Their Logo & Alliance

As reflected by the three hands protecting the heart in their logo, they believe a balanced Alliance between (1) the family, (2) the multi-disciplinary professional team, and (3) the community will significantly improve the lives of families impacted by Autism. This Alliance must be managed as your impacted child has new teachers, care teams, and experiences. NuroLux will provide families with the tools to form and maintain this important Alliance.

Their Vision

To empower families impacted by Autism, the professionals supporting them, and their communities with better resources to navigate the fractured landscape of care through NuroLux’s actionable strategies, world-class coaching, and industry-leading solutions to meet each family’s unique needs. NuroLux’s community provides our members with holistic, realistic, and actionable tools to improve the quality of their lives.

About Dr. Jessica Taverniti

Dr. Jessica Taverniti’s unwavering optimism and energy, a partial product of her Rocky Mountains upbringing, coupled with her over 17 years of experience supporting families impacted by Autism, ignites NuroLux’s mission. Consistently challenging and improving the status quo in traditional Autism care models, Jessica believes better resources are needed to empower the entire family unit as they navigate their loved one’s Autism journey.

A Clinical Psychologist and Board Certified Behavior Analyst by trade, Jessica has worked in every corner of Autism care helping hundreds of families around the country. She’s served as a one-to-one behavioral therapist; an advocate; developed treatment clinics, special-education schools, and ADS-focused technologies around the world; supervised therapists and clinicians on every level, and is a sought-after teacher in Doctoral-level programs at several universities.

Jessica’s entrepreneurial soul and passion for sharing her vast experience and perspectives will ensure families and individuals impacted by Autism thrive in all aspects of their lives.

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