Episode 287: Homeward Bound


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Everyone's heading home this week on "Voyager"...OR ARE THEY?! First up: has a way back to Earth finally been found?! A wormhole that seems too good to be true has appeared, but Seven, the EMH, and Naomi Wildman question its veracity in "Bliss". After that, The Borg Queen sends Seven an invitation she can't refuse to come back to the arms of the collective in "Dark Frontier"! Also this week: Tellarites, Dian Fossey, and playing Alien! [Timestamps: Bliss: 01:15; Dark Frontier: 36:28; Blog times: 1:29:51] [Cut, print, that's a blog: https://at.tumblr.com/sshbpodcast/were-ready-for-our-closeups-mr-vulcan/ne2k2zn3cg4m]

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