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Productivity makes Stacy Tuschl tick.

In addition to being a Small Business Growth Coach, Stacy is a bestselling author, and founder of the Foot Traffic Formula - helping small businesses around the world get more customers in the door, more profit in their pocket and more happiness in their homes. Stacy's started a bunch of prosperous ventures – including turning a company she started in her parents' backyard at the age of 18 into a multi-million dollar enterprise that she still runs today.

As I went through her new book, I found myself "dog-earing" it relentlessly. The book is titled The Implementation Code: Unlocking The Secret To Getting It All Done and when I was able to secure another conversation with Stacy – she's been on he podcast before as you'll see in the show notes – I knew we'd have plenty to discuss.

Stacy and I talk about the things people don't want to do but that we all need to do. Then we discuss the importance of maintenance, as illustrated in these words from Stacy:

"Without maintenance things have a way of reverting to the previous state."

(And she explains what maintenance isn't about during our discussion as well.)

As I went through Stacy's book, I took notice of how vulnerable she was willing to be in her writing. That comes across in the words she's written and the words she shares in this episode.

I hope you enjoy this conversation... and take away some things that you can implement today.

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