Mike Sturm talks about the Wabi-sabi Way


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Buddhism and Taoism expert Mike Sturm joins the show to uncover how to develop a deep personal relationship with yourself – the Wabi-Sabi way.

Mike Sturm has taught philosophy at college level for several years and researched Buddhism and Taoism extensively. He writes about self-improvement and productivity from the perspective of spirituality and first principles. In this reflective conversation, we focus in particular on ‘Wabi-Sabi’, an ancient Japanese philosophy that centres on appreciating​​ the beauty in imperfection and accepting the more natural cycle of life.

Join us as we explore some of the key insights from his book The Wabi-sabi Way: Simple Principles to Bring Calm, Meaning & Authenticity to Your Daily Life. We discuss personal authenticity, reviewing habits, the power of validation and embracing imperfection – and Captain America.

Talking Points

  • What is Wabi-sabi?
  • The Western challenges with meditation and stillness
  • The notion of time
  • Ease vs. easy
  • Where to get started with the Wabi-sabi mindset
  • The practice of impermanence
  • Simple steps to live the Wabi-sabi way


"Accepting where you’ve been is the only way of getting to where you want to go."

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