Season 2 Trailer: A Little Bit Culty


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Welcome back to Season 2 of A Little Bit Culty with Sarah Edmondson and Anthony "Nippy" Ames.

Think you might be in a cult? Want to know the signs? Join Sarah and Nippy”to talk about things that are...a little bit culty. Or in their case: a whole bunch of culty. As whistleblowers documented in the critically-acclaimed HBO series “The Vow,” Sarah and Nippy have a lot to say about their experience, and burning questions to ask people with similar stories. They’re here to help people understand, heal from, and avoid abusive situations one little red flag at a time. Listen in as they share their stories, have frank and unscripted conversations with other survivors and cult experts, and do a deep dive on how devotion can turn to dysfunction.

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