Roadhouse Romance Steals From Patrick Swayze Movies and Violates Many Health Codes


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Les, Kurt, and Jason let it be known right out of the gate that they were not fans of Hallmark’s Roadhouse Romance. But before they get into the details they discuss great movies that would’ve become even better by having Jackee in them, and they preview their new podcast idea which is just hearing people Google things. Then they get into Roadkill Romance (there, we said it), a movie that features many Canadian actors doing such bad southern accents that it’s still unclear what the main character’s name is in the movie (Is it Callie? Is it Kelly? We’ll never know). Soon, the guys come to the epiphany that the writer of this movie may have been watching a bunch of Patrick Swayze Movies. Are the actors in this movie so apathetic about it that they’re improvising dialog about bad scripts, therefore making this movie very meta? Perhaps we’ll find out if Lifetime ever decides to make “The Wrong Barbecue Sauce.”

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