Creating Australia’s First Anti-Racist Comedy Club: Tina Zaman, Australia


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Tina Zaman is a comedian, writer, teacher and founder of Tight5Comedy a unique platform in Sydney’s comedy scene. Tight5’s comedians of colour and allies have entertained thousands of fans, handpicked for their originality and social impact. Acts are empowered to explore both their comedic and cultural identities in careful curated venues from theatres in Sydney’s Inner West to Ethiopian restaurants in the outer suburbs of the city. Show host Udhara chatted with Tina about growing up in Los Angeles, how she landed in Australia by way of a teaching gig in Korea, and why she decided to double down on building a platform for Australia’s marginalised voices through Tight5Comedy. Recorded in early 2021. Thanks for listening to this episode of A Life Less Ordinary. To stay up to date with our latest episodes be sure to follow to the show.

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