Our Ruined Lives with Erina Baci II - Ep 47


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In this edition of Our Ruined Lives, we are pleased to have Erina Baci return to the Podcast. Erina first appeared on Episode 7, way back in October 2019. We begin the show by catching up with her on what she has been up to since she first appeared on the podcast. We then delve into a discussion on the importance of geography and resources to people in the past, modern geopolitics, and how modern issues affect our current understanding of the past. This leads us to discuss an upcoming Memorandum of Understanding between the US and Albania and the potential implications of the MoU for Balkan Cultural Preservation. We close out the episode with Erina serving up some awesome advice for future and current graduate students.

Erina's Literature Recommendations:

  • Archaeological Guide of Kosova - Online PDF
  • The Illyrians by John Wilks
  • Evaluating social complexity and inequality in the Balkans between 6500 and 4200 BC by Marko Porčić (2019)
  • Archaeology as Bearing Witness By Hauser et al. (2018)

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