Ancient Civ: Origins - Ep 68


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Buckle up for an episode on the theory of the rise of early states and ancient civilizations. Episode 68 sets the stage for a series investigating early civilizations across the globe. We break down Elman Service and Lewis Henry Morgan's theories on cultural complexity and go through a couple of definitions for "civilization". Think that's going to be boring? Well just wait, we even talk about primary vs secondary civilizations and the four classic theories on how early complex civilizations rise.

Of course, any episode involving the great mistake of neothilization wouldn't be complete without poking fun of our friend Stefan Milo.

Literature Recommendations

  • Ancient Civilizations by Chris Scarre & Brian M. Fagan, 4th edition
  • Archaeology by Robert L. Kelly & David Hurst Thomas, 7th Edition
  • Archaeology and Human History by Deborah I. Olszewski




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