Ancient Civ: Central America with Dr. David S. Anderson - Ep 73


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On this episode of A Life In Ruins Podcast, we are joined by an early A Life in Ruins guest, Dr. David S. Anderson, to talk about the Origins of early states in Mesoamerica. Dr. Anderson first appeared on our show in episode 11 to talk about pseudoscience in archaeology, and we are excited to have him back on the show to discuss with us the real perpetrators of Central American megalithic structures and ceremonial centers. Dr. Anderson enlightens us about theories surrounding the emergence of complex civilization in Central America and then we delve into the Olmec and other Preclassic civilizations. We then get our minds blown about the size/scope of the El Tigre Pyramid and discuss some other Late Preclassic Maya sites. Dr. Anderson then teaches us about all things Maya.

Literature Recommendations

  • Olmec Archaeology and Early Mesoamerica by Christopher Pool
  • The First Maya Civilization: Ritual and Power Before the Classic Period by Francisco Estrada-Belli
  • Discovering the Olmecs: An Unconventional History by David C. Grove

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