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Welcome to Saw XII: HOUSE OF HORRORS! Nope, it’s a Dateline episode in which Andrea Canning is walking us through a mysterious double murder that rocked the town of Quitman, Texas. Queen Andrea goes head to head with a mom who would do ANYTHING to protect her son. And it’s all on tape, quite literally! But the facts in this case are confusing and there are distracting elements that have Kimberly and Katie asking yet again... Who actually done it? Will a bloody rag, a teenage garage turned bedroom, the aforementioned tape or the first witnesses on the scene ultimately seal the accused killers' FAYte? Find out in this very special Texas edition of A DATE WITH DATELINE!

Official Description from NBCU: After a mother and son are found dead, it takes nearly a decade to unravel the case. Andrea Canning reports the latest, including how a second investigation led to a new and unexpected arrest.

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