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Due to an international sporting event Kimberly and Katie are diving into the NBC Peacock archive to find this vintage Dateline. It's an episode filled with questions. How did a mother and wife really meet her demise on an air mattress in the upstairs bedroom of her home? Was it really a carbon monoxide accident due to a faulty water heater? What are the actual statistics of that happening (because one or both of our hosts have suspicious water heater locations)? And why didn't the other person in the house also die from these noxious fumes? As per usual, Kimberly and Katie are kind of sure what happened here, but actually not really that sure. But they are sure that this episode includes some mighty peculiar personalities, a slew of excuses from the accused (including an overflowing toilet), the most highly questionable moustache of modern times, and a family reunion with so much drama that it should’ve been hosted by Andy Cohen. Triple check your carbon monoxide detector and please enjoy this very, very, very special episode of A DATE WITH DATELINE: Bad Chemistry Edition!

Official Description from PEACOCK: Police doubt an Ohio doctor's story about events leading to his wife's death. Kate Snow reports.

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