Rebroadcast: Brooke Shields on Learning To Compartmentalize


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This week, we’re throwing it back to one of our favorite episodes from last year.

Brooke Shields has been a household name ever since she did her first commercial, at just 11 months old. As a teenage model and actress being managed by her mother, Brooke found her own image sexualized — but refused to play along with the media’s expectations. Since then, she’s acted on Broadway, starred in sitcoms and TV dramas, raised two daughters and written two memoirs. We spoke to Brooke about how to survive and stay sane amid intense public scrutiny.

In this episode, Brooke talks about:

  • Working with her mother — and choosing to fire her
  • The small things she does to help her compartmentalize
  • Staying true to herself under pressure
  • Not taking criticism personally

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