Cindy Eckert on Choosing the Harder Path


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Cindy Eckert co-founded the company Sprout Pharmaceuticals, which created the first FDA approved drug for low sexual desire in women (read: female viagra). In a made-for-TV twist, she sold the company for $1 billion… but then, had to take the company back. Intrigued yet? Same. Now, Cindy’s the founder of the investment and management firm, The Pinkubator, with the goal of making other women “really f***ing rich.” Talk about a mission we can get behind.

In this episode, Cindy shares:

  • How to rethink the classic career ladder
  • Who inspired her to keep fighting for women’s health, in spite of FDA pushback
  • How she got her company back – for free
  • Why securing funding is not the golden ticket to entrepreneurial success
  • How one simple interview question can tell you a lot about a candidate

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