#115: Working With Sir James Dyson & World Champion Boxer Chris Eubank + Receiving The Highest Honor Possible From The Queen of England… w/ Sháá Wasmund


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  • [2:26] – Introducing Sháá Wasmund
  • [5:18] - What happened when Sháá stole a letterhead from Cosmopolitan magazine
  • [7:48] – How the door opened for Sháá to connect with Chris Eubank
  • [12:23] What life was like for Sháá at the age of 8
  • [21:39] How Sháá ended up working with Sir James Dyson
  • [25:16] Sháá’s mindset when she started building her career
  • [35:30] – How can somebody expand their happiness as a result of success and alignment with who they are?
  • [41:43] Who does Sháá aspire to be?
  • [44:18] Sháá's Yes/No exercise
  • [51:27] What does happiness mean for Sháá?

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