#101: The Mentor That Changed My Life & Has Deeply Impacted 100,000+ Students… w/ Brenda Campbell


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To kick off a “new era” of the podcast, I’m bringing on a very special guest. Her name is Brenda Campbell. Brenda was my first ever mentor. I met her when I was 17. Even though I had zero experience… Even though my email address was “asianninja221@gmail.com”… And even though I was barely old enough to drive… Brenda mentored me at a time when I really needed it. I’ve wanted to have Brenda on the show for a LONG time. But it never felt right bringing her on without doing something special for the episode. So to kick off the next 100+ of the show with a greater emphasis on impact… I’m featuring her episode. Not only has Brenda made a deep impact on my life… But she’s also impacted 100,000+ students through her work as the CEO of a non-profit called Secure Futures. I can’t wait for you to listen!

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