Lance’s ceiling, impact of Deebo drama and other 49ers overreactions


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Matt Maiocco and Jennifer Lee Chan look at some fan overreactions, including if Trey Lance will have a better career than Patrick Mahomes, if the Deebo Samuel drama will have a negative impact on the team moving forward and how difficult it will be for the 49ers to repeat their 2021 success.

(3:15) Recapping 49ers’ Rookie Minicamp

(7:25) Is Lance ready to be the starter?

(14:40) Are the 49ers built for Lance’s strengths?

(19:46) Can the 49ers’ offensive line keep Lance healthy?

(29:25) What is Lance’s ceiling?

(33:50) What impact will the rookies have this season?

(41:30) Can the 49ers top their 2021 success?

(45:20) JLC’s best 49ers’ road trips of 2022

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