Maureen Testoni Analyzes Recent 340B Developments


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It has been an eventful summer for 340B, and we are checking in this week with 340B Health President and CEO Maureen Testoni to hear her analysis on the top 340B developments. Maureen provides updates on issues that include the contract pharmacy dispute, Medicare payment cuts, and the new drug pricing law. She also shares a preview of what may occur in the fall.

340B Contract Pharmacy Dispute Continues

The number of companies currently restricting 340B discounts has grown. Maureen discusses the impact of these unlawful restrictions on 340B hospitals and patient care, how Congress is responding to advocacy efforts, and where the issue stands in the courts. She also explains how 340B Health is taking a multi-pronged approach to address the dispute.

Progress Toward Ending Medicare Cuts

The U.S. Supreme Court decided in June that Medicare cuts for 340B drugs that have been in place since 2018 are unlawful. Maureen recaps how the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has responded to the court’s decision and predicts when hospitals might expect to be repaid for the cuts they received.

New Drug Pricing Law

Major federal drug pricing legislation became law in August, and the new law will have significant ramifications that are difficult to predict. Maureen describes the key drug pricing provisions and what they could mean for 340B.

Celebrating 340B’s Big Upcoming Anniversary

Maureen shares her key takeaways from the 340B Coalition Summer Conference. Amid the challenges covered entities face, she believes it is important to recognize the 30th anniversary of the 340B program in November by celebrating the difference 340B has made in patients’ lives.

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