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Are you looking to invest in businesses, maybe buy businesses or commercial real estate? Would you like to learn from expert deal makers how to find and execute a variety of different deals? How about learning wisdom and knowledge from the mistakes others have made so that you do not make the same costly mistakes? Then you may want to listen in on The Deal Scout podcast. The Deal Scout provides in-depth interviews that go into great detail about the people and companies involved in a deal. Hear directly from experts on how they work, what goes into creating a deal, and where they see investment opportunities going in the future. This isn’t your traditional business podcast. Whether you’re looking to be a dealmaker yourself someday or just want to learn how they do it, The Deal Scout can give you the inside information you need to get started. Learning how to do deals is tough, but The Deal Scout makes it easier. Each week we interview experts who are actively doing deals, but also those who have made their mark on the industry. Whether you’re looking to get into the business or just want to learn from the pros, The Deal Scout has you covered. With in-depth interviews and real-world advice from people already working in this field, there’s no other place for you to get the inside scoop on investment opportunities.Our host, Josh is a serial entrepreneur and investor with over 20 years of experience putting deals together. He has worked with investment groups (family office, venture capital, private equity, hedge fund, angel investors, spacs, and investment bankers) and has advised entrepreneurs and leaders from startups to publicly traded companies. He has helped build tech companies, worked with capital raisers and investor relations, has grown construction and real estate companies, and built and sold media brands. Along the way, he has launched over 10 internet talk shows/podcasts conducting over 1,000 interviews and hitting the top of iTunes charts and top 5% global popularity with our impact show.Along the way, he has built a platinum Rolodex and a network of investors and influencers. To him, relationships are key in an entrepreneur's journey. The reason we launched The Deal Scout is to connect with powerful deal makers, create deal opportunities, educate ourselves and the audience, and to capture wisdom from our guests.Other questions and topics we discuss on this show: What is venture capital?Is venture capital private equity?Venture capital vs Angel investorsWhat is private equityPrivate equity real estateReal estate investmentWhich businesses should I invest inCommercial real estate investingHedge fund investingHow to invest in startups?How to begin a startup?What startups to invest in?How to find investment opportunities?Biggest mistakes when making a dealHow to sell your home?How to buy businessesCrowdfunding for real estateCrowdfunding for equityHow to get a grantHow to raise venture capital fundingHow to sell your businessHow to start a dealHow to close a dealShould I Crowdfund?How To Invest In Local BusinessesHow to find capital for acquisitionsDifference between growth and scalingSelling a family businessBuying contractsReal estate NFTsWhat is a spac?Should I make my business public?If you have a deal or are looking for a deal, head over to and fill out the contact form to get in touch with our team.

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