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If you’re an avid sports fan who wants to watch and follow your favorite teams and games without the unnecessary noise and distraction from what truly matters, this is the show for you. Perhaps you are fed up with baseless and intriguing hot takes thrown around endlessly. Who wouldn't be sick of sports news that’s not news and recycled content talking about the same teams and players over and over again?

Here, the whole gambit of the sports world is uncovered. Hosted by five New York City natives, plus one Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania native, with boisterous yet varying views, each week, with the host and moderator (Kevin L. Warren), along with his co-hosts, (Mike Mills, Dorian “The D.A.” Albritton, James E. “The Angry One,” Warren, Darrell “D -Dubb” Warren, and Dan "The Hockey Dude" Krainbucher) jump inside the arenas and stadiums to deliver what’s "really" happening within the games themselves. Collectively they strike a gold mine of information to discover the most critical updates even the biggest fans may never pay attention to.

Every episode is light and relatable, and no doubt leaves you wanting to hear more. American sports fans and sports fans around the globe, just one last question. Aren’t you tired of being programmed? We cover Major League Baseball, National Football League, National Basketball Association, the National Hockey League, the Major Soccer League, professional tennis, and professional bodybuilding, among others. The "Chasers" also covers Youth Sports; we believe the children are the future. "Sport brings people together, win, lose or draw." Kevin L. Warren, Your Host and Moderator. If you’re looking for real sports talk for real fans… Click the link to listen to the latest episode of Sports Chasers at

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