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Nursing Times with Marmsregine is a podcast about the nursing journey, news & the life of nurses today. Whether you’re a nursing student or a professional nurse, we are all in one together with our nursing mission to be of service to our community. This podcast is about nursing school applications, nursing study, and nursing experiences in the clinical setting for everyone, whether you are in the USA or anywhere in the world today. Please share with us your story as a nurse during the pandemic time. Many nurses worldwide would like to listen and learn from your story.Regarding the nursing studies for all, we will discuss some lecture topics on several nursing subjects you would like me to post in an episode. Nursing subjects can be Pathophysiology, Pharmacology, Health Assessment, and other nursing topics you would like to hear from us. We can also discuss study tips and techniques for you to be a successful nursing student. Please email me the topics you would like me to create an episode for your nursing study. You can send me your nursing journey, and I will read your story on the podcast episode. Or you can be a guest in our podcast, and we can meet online. Thank you, friends, for your support of this podcast. Hope to hear from you soon.

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