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Each week on Here After, join best-selling author and psychotherapist Megan Devine for conversations with interesting people about difficult things.

There’s a lot going on lately (understatement). From personal losses to bigger collective sweeps of let’s just call it - a lot of awful things? - everything is a lot. It’s a really human thing to hope things will get better (even when you’re not sure how they possibly could). So this season on Here After with Megan Devine: we go looking for hope. But not your airy, flaky “hoping for the best” kind of hope. Here After explores the kind of hope you get from telling the truth about how hard things are, the hope you get from keeping your eyes open and refusing to let your heart shut down. Real world hope, with guests from the front lines of grief, loss, trauma, education and activism.

Here After with Megan Devine is how you’d imagine the coolest dinner party ever might be: conversations that leave you feeling seen, heard, and even a little inspired to head back out into the world to have your own conversations about difficult - and hopeful - things. New episodes each and every Monday, from the author of the best-selling book, It’s OK that You’re Not OK, and iHeartMedia.

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