Insights To Live By


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This perfect blend of substance, fun and inspiration uncovers new pearls of wisdom to put into action. We all have our Insights to Live By. Be they life lessons, credos, mantras, guiding principles or by any other name, these are those core values most often shared to positively impact others. Hosted by Matt Zinman, author of Z-isms, the show features both solo and guest episodes. Matt’s book, podcast, courses and speaking engagements represent his devotion as a difference-maker to personally enrich the lives of at least 100 million people by 2025. Show guests come from all walks of life. These may be celebrities, athletes, musicians, authors, coaches, social media personalities, thought leaders and/or entrepreneurs. Solo shows delve into Matt’s core focus on self-discovery and mindset, well-being (including Mood Health), relationships and interactions, purpose and enrichment and finding Happierness – the shortest path to living better. Listen in.

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